Prom Dress

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Prom Dress:
Scott Howells prom dress came into vogue around the Great Lakes about 5 years ago.  Before that countless fly fisherman wrapped a bunch of flash on a hook in the great lakes area and around the country and it was simply known as a flash fly.  They are still popular among trollers in the great lakes targeting salmon and steelhead behind down riggers and flasher spoons.  No matter what you call it this type of fly always has and always will be a fish catcher.

35mm shank
Sz 4 Octopus Hook
Gold/Silver body braid
Ice dub
Foxy brush, deer hair, or artic fox
Rhea, Ostrich Herl, or lady amherst

This fly has endless color combinations and will catch just about any fish that swims.  It has been a great producer and is one of my personal favorites.  I highly recommend tying a bunch of these up for the spring season.  Hope you enjoy tying this one and i know you will get a few fish on it.

35 mm shank or spinner wire, thread base and fireline tied in.

Gold body braid tied in and wrapped forward, leave about 1/2 inch behind hook eye.  

Ice dub in dubbing loop to form dubbing ball.

Foxy brush tied in front of dubbing ball, about 3 wraps forward or enough to prop flashabou up and give good profile.  Stroke brush back as you wrap.
Foxy brush tied off, artic fox or deer hair can be used as well. (note deer hair will make a more boyant higher riding fly which is good in lower flows or slower runs)
About 15 strands flashabou around 7 1/2 inches in length,(fly will be roughly half as long as length of flashabou you cut, i like mine about 3 1/2 inches) tied in at a 45 angle in middle of flashabou just in front of foxy brush.
Fold back the forward facing flashabou on opposite side of hook and tie off.  Turn fly over or rotate 180 degrees and repeat this step.
Return fly to original position and tie in 6-8 strands of rhea feathers.  These feathers should be about 3/4 the length of the fly.    Turn fly over again and repeat this step on bottom of fly.  Note Ostrich plumes or lady amherst can be used for this as well.
Tie in Guniea feather at tip and palmer 2-3 wraps forward.  Whip finish and head cement and you are done.
Finished fly in purple, but is also great in blue, copper, rainbow, and many other combinations as well.  Below is a blue flashabou version with purple/blue rhea and blue guinea collar that is a great fly to swing for steelhead.  

Daves Bad Hair Day

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Most flies on the blog are from the shop but this one from the outside is worth sharing.  Dave Pinczkowski's Bad Hair Day fly that he ties on Skagit master 4 caught my eye for many reasons as a fly tyer and steelhead fisherman.  The most important are craft fur has great movement, does not hold water which makes for easier casting and less problems in cold temps, and its fairly easy and quick to tie which means i don't feel bad throwing it in boulders and log jams.  The original uses 3 clumps craft fur and i only incorporate two just because i like a fly to be a little less bulky and allow any natural light to get into/through a fly that can.  I changed the colors for Ohio rivers and tied it on a shank to get the short strikers and to be sure it doesn't foul.  Its a winner, thanks for sharing Dave.

Daves Bad Hair Day:
35mm Shank:
6/0 orange thread
Chartreuse Craft Fur
Hot Pink craft fur
Silver flashabou
hot pink ice dubbing
Sz 4 Octopus hook

Tie in fire line and thread base.

Tie in first clump of craft fur reverse just in front of point where back loop meets shank or where shank becomes one piece. Make sure to keep thread wraps on top of each other as best you can.

Stroke craft fur back evenly around shank and build thread dam in front of craft fur.

5-8 strands silver flashabuo tied in along flank of fly.

Clump of Chartreuse craft fur tied in reverse and stroked back like first clump and 4-6 strands silver flashabou along flanks.  Add hot Pink ice dub head(below), whip finish, done.

Slightly different from the original and of course had to tie it in a few tried and true Northeast Ohio colors you only get at CRO.  Good Luck with this one, fun to tie, moves great, an easy to cast for a fly with a big profile.  Few other colors below that you may enjoy and of course spin your own blends as well.

Potamod Intruder

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  Potamodromous-  Fish that migrates within fresh water only, i.e..great lakes steelhead, salmon, brown trouts.  A term great lakes anglers should be aware of since many of the fish they pursue are potamodromous VS anadromous.  Anyway on to the fly.

Potamod Intruder:
35mm shank or 50mm for bigger profile.
Sz 4 Octopus hook
Silver bead chain( or whatever color you have )
Anadromous Brush orange and black
Pink Estaz
Gold body braid
lady amherst
copper flashabou
Natural Guinea
Lady amherst

Thread base on shank, loop of fire line, with 4 bead chain eyes tied in 1/4 inch behind eye and estaz tag.

3-4 wraps anadromous brush orange.

3-4 wraps natural guinea.

Gold body braid wrapped forward to eyes.

Estaz tag in front of bead chain eyes.

3-4 wraps black anadromous brush.

6-8 strands copper flashabou.

3-4 wraps natural guinea.

Lady amherst in orange, whip finish and done....find a few other favorite color combos below. Try em all and get bit.




Loudmouth Baitfish

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LoudMouth Baitfish
Loudmouth baitfish, in the vise it's awesome, in the water it screams "Eat Me Please" to any fish thats around and they usually do.  Tie from small to jumbo in many colors for any species you are targeting and expect big things.  Please even though it is a pain or an extra step sometimes put eyes on most baitfish patterns, the difference is tremendous.

Pro tube needle
clear pro tube 40 mm
Zonker white
ice dub red
ice dub pearl
hackle flash silver/gold
pearl flashabou
olive schlappen
natural guinea
 extra small pro soft head 
3/16" holographic eyes

 Pro tube needle in vise with clear pro tube.
Tie in zonker at rear of tube.

Red ice dub at tail tie in point.

Tie in length 2" of hackle flash silver or gold.

Dub body with pearl ice dub leaving 1/2 inch of tube in front of fly.

 Tie in zonker in front of ice dub.
 Wrap Hackle flash forward after zonker is tied in taking care to not wrap hair down.
5-7 strands salt and pepper flashabou along flanks of fly.

3 wraps olive schlappen.

2-3 wraps olive guinea in front of schlappen.

Extra small pro tube soft head and 3/16 holographic eyes for the finishing touch.

BBG Streamer (BIg Bass Getter)

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BBG Streamer 
(Big Bass Getter)
Thread: 3/0 White 
Hook:  B10S sz 4-1
Tail: White Bucktail
Flash:  Salt and Pepper 
Body:  Hackle Flash
Head: Laser Dub White and Grey
Eyes: Stick on eye

This is another one of Justin's proven winners so tie them up in a bunch of colors and get ready to have bass thumb.
Tie in small clump of bucktail even with hook point.  Apply soft text to bucktail for support of flash (while waiting for soft text to dry start 3-4 flies to save time)

Tie in medium bunch of flash (12-18 strands) on top of buck tail.

Two wraps silver hackle flash.

Add another small clump of buck tail.

Tie in another clump of buck tail on top of flash.

Two more wraps silver hackle flash.

Tie in 2 clumps laser dub one on top and one on bottom.  Gray on top white on bottom.  Important to tie in laser dub in center of clump.

Fold Back remaining laser dub, top over top, bottom along bottom, form head and whip finish.

Add eyes using zap a gap adhesive.
 A rainbow of fish slaying colors.