"Steelhead Tellico"

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"Steelhead Tellico"
Hook: Daiichi 1530 Sz. 8 w/gold bead
Tail: Black Goose Biots
Body: Orange Ice Dub
Wingcase : Black Crystal Flash
Ribbing: Red Brassie Wire
Hackle: Hen Soft Hackle - Brown or Black

Step 1: Slide gold bead on to hook, and lay down base layer of red thread.

Step 2: Create ball of thread towards back of the hook. Tie in goose biots in to a "V" shape coming off of the back of the hook using ball of thread to split them.

Step 3: Tie in red wire and black crystal flash to the rear of the hook. Dub body using orange ice dub consistently almost to the bead.

Step 4: Pull crystal flash over body, tie in behind bead. Rib body evenly with the red wire. Fold crystal flash back over body, and trim leaving a bit of excess to form a wing.

Step 5: Dub small amount of black ice dub just behind beadhead. Select soft hackle hen feather, and peel one side.

Step 6: Tie in feather, and palmer around once or twice until enough.

Step 7: Whip finish and fish.