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Hook: Daiichi 2220 sz 2-4
Tail: Wooly Bugger Marabou Olive, black crystal flash
Body: Olive Polar Chenille
Throat: Orange Finn Ra coon
Collar: Mallard Flank Natural
Rubber Legs Olive
Mirage Flashabou Opal/Copper Blend

Tie in Marabou Tail with 3-5 strands Crystal flash on each side.
Tie In Polar Chenille.(sorry but lost a couple photos)

Wrap polar chenille forward leaving roughly 1/4 inch of space to hook eye.

Tie in small clump of orange Finn raccoon for throat to give contrast.

Tie In Mallard flank at tip, palmer forward.

Tie off mallard flank.

Tie in 4 rubber legs, two legs each side about 45 degrees off center each side top of hook.

Tie in at center on top of hook Med size clump, about 8-14 strands flashabou.
Fold back flashabou laying forward and tie off. Starting to look good.

One small to med size clump olive sculpin wool tied in at on far side of hook again about 45 degrees off center.

Tie in second clump on near side 45 degrees off center.

Pull back sculpin wool evenly around hook eye and tie off and whip finish.

Yes it's supposed to look like this. Using sharp scissors and using hook eye as a guide trim sculpin wool to triangle tapered head. Take small cuts as it is easy to cut more but hard to put back on.

What finished head should look like.

Tell me they aren't gonna destroy that. I call it the Goblin because it's both a sculpin and Goby imitation which makes it doubly effective. Steelhead, brown trout, and smallmouth go crazy over this one. Good luck and i hope no one is swinging this one ahead of you.

Estaz Egg

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Estaz Egg
Hook: Daiichi 2571 sz 6
Thread: uni thread 8/0 orange
Body: Medium Estaz
Bead(optional): 5/32 gold

Bead is on hook and hook is in vise. Tie in Estaz above hook point and wrap thread forward to bead.

Wrap estaz forward to bead and tie off.

Whip finish and done. Fish catchers don't come any easier to tie than this. Proven colors are Peach, Chartreuse, Pink, Orange. This is a favorite guide fly because you can crank them out in record time and they catch fish, what else is there to say.

Blue Bait

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"Blue Bait"
Hook: Daichi 2220 sz4-10
Bead: 5/32 gold or med cone
Thread: Uni thread 6/0 white
Tail: Grizzly Marabou
Body: Blue Estaz
Hackle: Grizzly

This is simply another wooly bugger variation tied in a very effective color scheme. Steelhead seem to pounce on this pattern any time of year in any water condition but excels in slightly stained water combined with a sunny day. For darker days try black, Olive, or Purple.

Place bead on hook, lay down thread base and tie in tail. Tail length should be as long as hook shank.
Tie in Grizzly hackle at the tip.

Tie in estaz.

Wrap estaz forward, Tie off, followed by hackle.

Done deal. Don't be afraid to try in any combination that works for you. The key is the grizzly hackle tail and grizzly hackle which give this fly nice contrast to catch the fishes eye. I'm a big fan of olive, and purple estaz bodies as well.