DB Bugger

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DB Bugger
Hook:  Diachii 2220 sz 2-8
Tail:  Marabou
Body:  Puglisi Tarantula hairy legs brush 1" width
Cone head size and color of preference.
**wire dubbing brush will dull good scissors so an old or inexpensive pair should be on hand**
DB Bugger is a simple wooly bugger variation tied with a pre-made dubbing brush (DB).  The use of the dubbing brush increases speed immensely allowing for more flies and different styles, colors, etc. to be tied per sitting.  This pattern will have your bugger box full and looking good.  Most importantly with the colors of dubbing brushes available you will be ready for all water conditions.
 After tying a few this should take less than a minute per fly.
 Cone on hook, hook in vise.  Add Marabou tail and wrap excess marabou along hook shank to cone.  Edge of tail should be aligned with barb on hook.
 Tie in dubbing brush and wrap thread forward to cone. 
 Tie off dubbing brush, whip finish and done.  Its that easy.

  A few hours of tying will have you a supply of buggers any guide would be envious of. 


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Hot and fresh out of the kitchen its the remix.  Taking the best attributes of productive patterns and putting them into one to create a super fly(hopefully)
20mm fish skull shank
6/0 uni-thread
medium dumbell eyes
orange sts tri-lobal dubbing
deer hair
silver flashabou
blue flashabou
white rabbit
SZ 4 Octopus hook
Length can vary depending on target species, water clarity etc. but my most popular size is around 2 1/2 inches.
This is a fly you will thank me for sharing and the steelhead, bass, salmon, trout will hate me for sharing.  Tie it in a bunch of colors and see for yourself.
 Shank is in vise with medium dumbell eyes and fireline trailer for hook are tied in.
 orange sts dubbing as tag(or color to match what you are tying)
 Spun deer hair or artic fox dubbing brush 2 wraps to give body to fly.
 Silver flashabou tied in at the center and pulled back on opposite side, excess flashabou tied in same way on bottom for throat. (see how blue is tied in below for better pic.)
 Blue flashabou about 10-14 strands tied in same way as silver in center of flashabou. 
 Then pulled back to cover both sides.
 Make dubbing loop for rabbit.
Rabbit in dubbing loop to form head whip finish and done.